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Yes4All Hedgehog Balance Pods and Balance Disc

Yes4All Hedgehog Balance Pods and Balance Disc


Yes4All 3 Shapes Hedgehog Balance Pods and Balance Disc, Rocky and Geometric Stability, Core Strength, Coordination, Massage for Adults, Obstacle Course for Kids and Dogs
* Beneficial for all fitness addicts to enhance dynamic balance, develop core strength, and improve body awareness and coordination.
* Great game for kids to develop motor skills. Get ready for beloved kids to develop balance, coordination, and confidence like never before!
Suitable for use in a variety of rehabilitation, exercise and fitness settings. Great to use at rehabilitation centers and clinics, sports teams, gyms and fitness studios, and yoga.

High-Quality Material
Durable phthalates free PVC material with no heavy metal elements ensures the comfort during your exercise & provides greater ease of movement in knees, hips, and torso. Each balance pod holds up to 440 lbs.
Double fun with varied levels of difficulties
Balance Pods can be used to improve weight-bearing issues. You can arrange the balance pods with flat side down for more stabilization or flat side up for a balance challenge.
Hand pump included for instant inflation
The good air pump for occasional use provides strong blasts of air, making it easy to pump quickly and efficiently.

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